Because nobody likes a necklace that thinks it's a choker or a ring that waves goodbye before you do.


How to Measure Your Neck for the Perfect Fit 

  1. Super easy. Just grab some string, a shoelace, yarn - Wrap it around your neck, and see where you want that chain to sit.
  2. Mark it: Where both ends of the string or whatever you're using meet, make a mark.
  3. Ruler Time: Measure that string from end to end & there's your chain size!  

* Pro tip: If you’re between sizes, size up. Breathing is important.


How to Measure Your Ring Size 

  1. String or Paper Strip - Wrap it around your finger like a cozy blanket.
  2. Overlap and Mark: Make a mark where they hug each other. 
  3. Measure the Marked Spot: Break out the ruler and measure from the end to your mark.
  4. Convert your stringy findings into a ring size using the ring size chart below: 


Got questions? We got you! If you’re still wondering if you did it right or if your string is playing tricks on you, shoot a message to our support team at We’re here to help you nail that fit!